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Cascadia Eye’s New Blog is Here!

Welcome to the official Cascadia Eye blog! We are very excited to share things we think will interest you, give you a window into our practice (and the people that make it everything it is today)….and, of course, keep you informed about our favorite subject: your eyes.

And I am looking forward to this! Since it’s always nice to put a name and a face to these things, let me introduce myself:

A Little About the Cascadia Eye Blogger

Alex BrandtMy name is Alexandra Brandt, and as Dr. Nannette Crowell‘s first child, I spent my early years in a baby swing behind the front desk in Sedro Woolley. Some of our long-term patients still remember “Baby Alex” – in fact, this practice is only one month younger than I am! As you can imagine, this clinic has always been a second home to me. But as I grew up and became a part of the team, I also began to appreciate it as more than just a “place to see Mom.” It really is a thriving, dedicated, world-class vision center. I am eager to show you a side of Cascadia Eye that you might not have seen before…and connect you to information that might help to demystify the complex and amazing piece of equipment that is your eye.

Eyes are, after all, our focus here.

Looking Ahead

This year, we want to start with a series based on questions frequently asked by our patients and community members. Ever wondered how much LASIK costs, what the difference is between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist, or why we keep shining bright lights in your eyes? I’ll be posting answers to these questions, and many more, throughout the coming months. I will be mining our best resources – our doctors, our staff, and peer-reviewed articles and journals – to bring you the clearest, most informative responses I can. I know I have learned an incredible amount – about eyes and about Cascadia Eye’s mission – since working here, and I really look forward to sharing that knowledge with you.

Contact Cascadia Eye

If you would like more information, or if you would like to schedule a consultation at Cascadia Eye, please contact us today.

In addition, join us on Facebook or Google+ to ask your questions about eyes, exams, and our practice. Who knows? I might just do a blog about them!

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