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Presenting at Mount Vernon High School’s Career Class

MariaforSocMedLast year, our CEO Sheri met with the advisor at the Health Careers class at Mount Vernon High School, to talk about sharing what we do at Cascadia Eye. Then last month one of our technicians got to present what we do to the high school class!

Maria reports:

“This is the first time MVHS has offered a class like this and I think it’s great! The students have guest speakers come into the classroom, and they also take field trips to different medical offices where they can shadow different medical professionals. It really gives them a detailed look into what each profession does every day.

During my presentation, I gave a brief description of my background and credentials and then walked the students through a complete eye exam starting from bringing the patient back to the exam room, to dilating their eyes and getting them ready to see the doctor. The students seemed really interested and asked intelligent questions as I described each task.  I showed slides of different instruments and machines we use every day in the clinic, passed around a few hand held devices, and then I taught the students how to check and record their visual acuity using the standard eye chart.

The teacher had one of her students walk me out and she was asking me a lot of specific questions about how long the training/certification process was. It felt great to share the knowledge of what I’ve learned so far, especially to see them so interested, and I look forward to sharing more in the future.

I always knew that I wanted to be in the medical field, but I never knew in what capacity.  I had always had jobs in the front office. I never imagined I would be doing hands on work every day! I am so thankful that Cascadia Eye saw my potential and was willing to train me from the ground up.”

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