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Free Vision Clinic Day


UPDATE 11/19/15: The Free Vision Clinic Day was a success!

Cascadia Eye will be celebrating its 30th year in practice with a gift for the community on November 18th.

Years ago, our doctors would perform free eye exams for people in need on specific days. We’re bringing that tradition back this year, and it’s happening on the anniversary of our very first day of seeing patients – November 18th, 1985.

• This event will be occurring simultaneously in all four of our locations.

• If you know individuals that could benefit from an eye exam, but are under-insured or without insurance (or have otherwise insufficient funds), please let them know about this event.

• The event starts at 9:00 AM, and we will be seeing patients on a first-come, first-serve basis. They will be given a paper with their vision prescription and our doctors’ recommendations.

• In other words, patients should choose their location and arrive at 9:00. They will be handed a paper with a number on it (which will indicate the order patients will be seen). When all our numbers are used up for a given location, we will let patients know (and can send them to another location if they still have space).

• This event is free to the public, but note that insurance will not be billed, and receiving an exam from us on that day will not make an individual a patient in our electronic health records.

• If medical eye problems are noted, they will not be treated on the day of the free clinic, but we may recommend a return visit. No surgeries will be performed on the free clinic day.

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