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Blast From the Past: “Crowell, Brandt, & Staff”

Crowell, Brandt, and Staff 1st Issue, 1987

Crowell, Brandt, & Staff 1st Issue, 1987

As we may have mentioned a few times this year, next month marks the 30th year that Cascadia Eye has been in business. We’re celebrating our birthday/anniversary with a party tomorrow (October 16th – come join us!) and a Free Clinic day on the actual anniversary date (November 18th, the first day Dr. Nannette Crowell – and dentist husband Dr. Rodney Brandt – started seeing patients).

This season of celebration has special significance for me, personally. (I introduced myself in our very first blog post, but in case you didn’t read it, hello! I’m Alexandra Brandt, Dr. Crowell’s daughter and the person who does most of the writing and art design for Cascadia Eye these days. Pleased to meet you!)

Since I was only a few weeks old when my parents moved to Skagit Valley and started the task of building a joint ophthalmology/dental practice in Sedro-Woolley, it’s very easy for me to answer when someone asks how old Cascadia Eye is. “It’s the same age as me!” I cheerfully reply (yes, I’m still happy to own up to my age…for now). So this year we’re both 30, Cascadia Eye and me.


Dr. Crowell and baby Alex in the office, 1986

Dr. Crowell and baby Alex in the office, 1986


Same mother and daughter, same painting, same clinic - 30 years later.

Same mother and daughter, same painting, same clinic – 30 years later.


When Sheri Saldivar (our CEO/administrator and the very first person the doctors ever hired) told me about the 1st birthday party that ‘Crowell, Brandt, & Staff’ threw for ‘Office Baby Alex’ in that joint vision/dental clinic in 1986, I knew I had to go dig up photos of that “historic” event.

And I found even more historic photos while I was at it, so I hope you enjoy a slice of our history, 80’s style! (But I will freely admit, I deliberately left out all the pictures of one-year-old me with baby food all over my face. Sorry!)

When I think about the warmth and fun that must have filled that tiny reception area on the day of the party, it makes me proud of Cascadia Eye’s humble beginnings. I know we’re a multi-dimensional vision center now, serving nearly every eye-related need in four locations, and I am proud of that too. But I like to think that we still honor that feeling of family that started us out 30 years ago.

And I hope you come to our party tomorrow and celebrate with us, because I think it will be just like old times.

Finally, I just want to share one other thing I found in my historical hunt – a very sweet letter from Dr. Crowell and Dr. Brandt that shows exactly what I’m talking about:CB&S01

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