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Stanwood’s New Windows: A Story in Pictures

Noticed anything new about our Stanwood satellite office recently?

Stanwood Office New

Toward the beginning of 2016, while in the midst of remodeling the Stanwood office, our administrator Sheri noticed that the south-facing windows were making half of the office too bright (and hot!), and came up with an ingenious solution: window graphics to block out the sun. This gave us the wonderful bonus of being able to show what Cascadia Eye is all about with a new design that tells a story (which I want to especially talk about below).

We liked the effect so much that when we added our 92nd NW Optical Outlet to the location, we commissioned another window graphic to showcase our prices (always $92 or under). Both sets of designs were made into reality by Seattle-based superGraphics.

Want a closer look?

The Window Story

I* personally find the new graphics quite beautiful, and not just because I helped design the south-facing ones. (And my compliments to Christian Siapco, who designed the 92nd NW window graphic!) Not only are these window coverings functional (helping keep the sun out of patients’ eyes and keeping our temperature pleasant), but they also illustrate the core of Cascadia Eye’s mission: comprehensive care for every aspect of the eye.

Recently I had a patient ask me why there was only one picture in the south-facing design that depicted people wearing glasses. I was surprised by the question, because of course we do so much more than glasses here. From pediatric care to LASIK to cataract surgery, and everything else in between, our optical is only a small portion of what we’re all about. The window graphics were designed to reflect that!

The images, taken in sequence, represent all the ways your vision reveals the beauty of the world as you grow up. From a toddler to a grandparent, your eyes are your window to the world. (And of course, since it’s Stanwood and Camano Island, we had to include a flock of snow geese as just one of the many beautiful things you could see!)

The quote across the top of the images has a history with Cascadia Eye: back in the early 90’s, when we had just become North Cascade Eye Associates and only been in practice for eight years or so, Dr. Crowell and Sheri adopted this quotation as the new motto. “Saving your sight for the beauty to come” is inspired by the poem by Bliss Carman:

Lord of the far horizons,
Give us the eyes to see
Over the verge of sundown
The beauty that is to be.

While perhaps originally meant to be a religious poem, the concept of seeing the ‘beauty to that is to be’ rang true for North Cascade Eye Associates then – and it does for Cascadia Eye now. No matter what stage you are in life, there is more beauty to come. Cascadia Eye, then and now, wants to make sure your eyes are ready for it, preserving your vision every step of the way.


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*Who, you ask? Alex Brandt, Cascadia Eye’s official blogger. You can read the my intro post here!

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