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eyewear lenses

Types of Optical Lenses:

There are two different lens types to meet your vision needs.

Single Vision lenses have one focal power. These lenses are good for young people who don’t need extra power for reading or near. They are also good for “reading only” glasses. — We recommend our VisionAir lenses which are thinner, have UV built in and no more expensive than basic plastic lenses! We also offer a package of polycarbonate single vision lenses with anti-reflective coating at an awesome price.

Progressive (multifocal) lenses have powers for distant viewing, close viewing and areas in between. These are the ‘must-have’ lenses for everyone over 40 who need additional power for intermediate or near. – We recommend the ADDvantage high definition digital lens in VisionAir lenses which are thinner, have UV built in and are hand-crafted in-house by our skilled opticians. These offer the best value; however are limited in material and power choices. We have many other progressive styles which can be custom fit to your prescription and frame choices.

Cascadia’s Signature Offerings

Cascadia Eyewear company logo

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Multiple generations of Pacific Northwesterners will recognize this name. For some, it means the region made up of Washington, Oregon, and parts of Northern California and British Columbia. For others, it is the independence movement that celebrates our connections and strong sense of place within this beautiful region. Inspired by this movement, our own Cascadia Eyewear begins with a private line – exclusive to and designed by Cascadia Eye – that is independent, original, and local – just like you.

our own designer eyeglass frames

180 years of Cascadia Eye experience, modeling the New Cascadia.

Why have we created Cascadia Eyewear? We noticed our patients, who valued the expertise of our certified and licensed opticians and the quality of our care, still sometimes felt compelled to buy their eyewear at places that could afford to offer much lower prices.

Online for example, where there were no opticians at all to help with the precise measurements and fitting needed for optimal vision, or in big box stories, where to cut costs the majority of opticians employed are inadequately trained and not certified.

Our CEO, Sheri Saldivar, wanted to solve our patients’ dilemmas and be able to offer the better prices of online and big-box stores without sacrificing the quality of care. Historically, independent brick-and-mortar eye care professionals like Cascadia Eye have been compelled to purchase from the few frame brands who sell at over-inflated mark-ups.

But Cascadia Eyewear (and our secondary online brand of 92NW) is now here to change that.

Drawing from years of experience working with the best shapes, hinges, materials, styles, and colors for real people, Sheri and our opticians select and design the Cascadia eyewear lines personally. We seek out manufacturers directly, eliminating several layers of cost. But unlike other large eyewear companies, we share the savings with our patients. With artificially high prices controlling most of the eyewear market, Cascadia Eye is striking out independently to get the best prices for all of us. And this is especially a win for patients, who can have these low prices and the levels of expert service, style, and quality that can’t be found in big-box or online stores!

Inspired by the independence movement that celebrates our connections and strong sense of place within this beautiful region, our own Cascadia Eyewear begins with a private line – exclusive to and designed by Cascadia Eye – that is independent, original, and localSee Our Catalog

Says our CEO, Sheri: “Cascadia Eyewear is eyewear with a story. We are real individuals inspired by our Cascadia community to design and provide eyewear to real individuals who deserve quality, style and value.”

If you need glasses or are interested in an upgrade, our designer showcase has a large selection of quality eyeglasses from which to choose. From $90 deals for single-vision lenses with our affordable 92NW frame line, to frames made in the USA, frames made from recycled acetate, and more.

Brands we carry:
  • Cascadia Eyewear
  • Oakley
  • Silhouette
  • BAM
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Rayban
  • Kate Spade
  • Zigi
  • Faniel
  • Kinsley Rowe
  • Czone
  • Vera Bradley
  • Igreen

Our Style Showcase: Independent, Unique, and Strong

Alyssa in Cascadia Eyewear "Andrea"
"Baker Pacific" by Cascadia Eyewear
Estelle in C2
Rodney in Cascadia Eyewear "Larson"
Fairhaven in C1
Emma in Cascadia Eyewear "Misty"
Faniel, French designs made with recycled acetate
Kara in C3 Pink OE9013
Lexi in C2
Turbo in Black
Cascadia Eyewear sunglasses
JR in Cascadia Eyewear Titanium "Baker" (side detail)
Emmett in C3 & 1663 in C4 Kid's frames
Jeannine and Alyssa in Cascadia Eyewear "Lindsy"
Alex in C1
Jeannine in Faniel "Bien Être", made with recycled acetate
Baker Midnight titanium frames
Alyssa in Cascadia Eyewear "Lindsy" tortoiseshell
Dan in C1 Black
Turbo Clear
Alex in C3
Jeannine in Cascadia Eyewear "Andrea"
Joseph in C4
Emma in Cascadia Eyewear "Misty Pearl"
Larson in Concrete
CE104 in C1 frames
Emma in "Andrea Tortoise"
Erik in Navy
Jeannine in Cascadia Eyewear "Misty Raspberry"
Joseph in C4
Emmett in C3
Kevin in Black

For your assistance, our eye professionals would be more than happy to show you around our eyeglass showcases in all six locations. Various frame styles, glasses types, and lens details are available to try on to help you find what suits you the best. Our displays feature glasses for every age and style, giving you one convenient location to find glasses for the entire family.

Cascadia Eyewear company logo

All About Eyewear

Choosing the perfect eyewear frames

When selecting eyewear, there are only a few parameters you must stay within, and then the rest is up to your personal style preferences.designer eyeglass frames

First, the bridge (the part that rests on your nose) must fit—no gaps, no perching, no sliding— and it must lay smoothly along the sides of your nose. Also, you must watch that the bridge isn’t so high up on your face that it elongates your nose (unless you have a short nose that would look better longer!).

Next, look in the mirror. Can you see your eyebrows? Are they above the frame or are you seeing them through the lenses?…Full Article

Buying Glasses Online: Seven Claims Debunked

shopping online for eyeglasses
We came across an online “article” with the headline: “These guys are putting glasses stores out of business.” It wasn’t actually a news article, it was an advertisement by a well-known online eyewear retailer. This online retailer claimed to be putting glasses stores out of business was making a lot of claims that were, in fact, untrue…Full Article

They’ve Arrived: New, Locally Designed Frames

Cascadia Eyewear modelsOur manager recently returned from her trip to Asia to search out the finest quality eyewear–direct from the factories! These are the same factories that create big-name branded eyewear products, and also produce our own Cascadia Eyewear brand. The difference? Our prices are better!…Full Article

Our Locally Designed, Men’s Titanium Frames Have Arrived

designer reading glassesBe sure to check out our unique collection of limited edition Titanium men’s eyewear, available only at Cascadia Eyewear.
Dr. Rodney Brandt is pictured here wearing the ‘Larson”–named after our stylish former optical manager, Scott Larson…Full Article

Meet the New Cascadia frames

We have a story to tell you.

Some of it might seem familiar: we have blogged about our early efforts to transition to a new, independent philosophy, revolutionizing our optical shops from the inside out. We’ve blogged about the evils of the mega-corporations that control the glasses markets and how we were combating them. And we’ve talked about our decision to offer frames online, and talked about some of the problems we found in other well-known glasses e-tailers.

But now we’ve taken all these efforts to brand-new levels…Full Article

Do Your Eyeglasses Really Come From an Evil Corporation?

This very interesting and humorous video has been making its rounds on the Internet (if you aren’t able to watch it right now — and I do highly recommend watching it — I’ll summarize the contents below):

So the gist of the video is this: most of the brands you recognize for glasses — and most that you don’t recognize — come from the same corporation, Luxottica. From your high-end Prada frames to the inexpensive ones in mall opticals. This means that they are often the exact same quality — coming from the exact same factory — for wildly different prices. And no matter where you go, chances are the brands you see in optical shops are Luxottica brands…Full Article

If you would like to learn more about the various optical services we provide, or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our eye care professionals, please contact us today!

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