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Our Style Showcase: Independent, Unique, and Strong

Jeannine in Cascadia Eyewear "Andrea"
Alyssa in Cascadia Eyewear "Andrea"
Emma in Cascadia Eyewear "Misty"
Jeannine and Alyssa in Cascadia Eyewear "Lindsy"
Emma in Cascadia Eyewear "Lindsy"
Caleb in Cascadia Eyewear Titanium "Baker"
JR in Cascadia Eyewear Titanium "Baker" (side detail)
Jeannine in Cascadia Eyewear "Andrea"
Alyssa in Cascadia Eyewear "Lindsy"
Emma in Cascadia Eyewear "Misty"
Rodney in Cascadia Eyewear Titanium "Larson"
Jeannine in Cascadia Eyewear "Misty"
Brianna in Cascadia Eyewear "Strength and Beauty"
Cascadia A16327
Manuel in Cascadia Eyewear Titanium "Sotero"
Brianna and Caleb in "Strength and Beauty" frames
Brandon in Cascadia Eyewear sunglasses
Melissa M in Mattisse 5061 "Peru 7" and daughter in Mattisse 3228S "Athens"
Melissa T in Mattisse 5010 "Butterfly Green"
Faniel, French designs made with recycled acetate
Jeannine in Faniel "Turandot," made with recycled acetate
Jeannine in Faniel "Bien Être," made with recycled acetate
Katelyn in 92NW "Sydney"
Cathy in 92NW "Fremont"
Katelyn, Kim, and Cathy all in 92NW "Sydney," available in multiple colors.
Brandon in 92NW aviator style for men
92NW aviators for men
Jeannine in Cascadia Eyewear "Jem"
Cascadia Eyewear "Funky Pairings"

If you need glasses or are interested in an upgrade, our designer showcase has a large selection of quality eyeglasses from which to choose. From $90 deals for single-vision lenses with our affordable 92NW frame line, to frames made in the USA, frames made from recycled acetate, and more.

For your assistance, our eye professionals would be more than happy to show you around our eyeglass showcases in all six locations. Various frame styles, glasses types, and lens details are available to try on to help you find what suits you the best. Our displays feature glasses for every age and style, giving you one convenient location to find glasses for the entire family.

designer eyeglassesWe are CASCADIA.

Multiple generations of Pacific Northwesterners will recognize this name. For some, it means the region made up of Washington, Oregon, and parts of Northern California and British Columbia. For others, it is the independence movement that celebrates our connections and strong sense of place within this beautiful region. Inspired by this movement, our own Cascadia Eyewear begins with a private line – exclusive to and designed by Cascadia Eye – that is independent, original, and local – just like you.

our own designer eyeglass frames

180 years of Cascadia Eye experience, modeling the New Cascadia.

Why have we created Cascadia Eyewear? We noticed our patients, who valued the expertise of our certified and licensed opticians and the quality of our care, still sometimes felt compelled to buy their eyewear at places that could afford to offer much lower prices.

Online for example, where there were no opticians at all to help with the precise measurements and fitting needed for optimal vision, or in big box stories, where to cut costs the majority of opticians employed are inadequately trained and not certified.

Our CEO, Sheri Saldivar, wanted to solve our patients’ dilemmas and be able to offer the better prices of online and big-box stores without sacrificing the quality of care. Historically, independent brick-and-mortar eye care professionals like Cascadia Eye have been compelled to purchase from the few frame brands who sell at over-inflated mark-ups.

But Cascadia Eyewear (and our secondary online brand of 92NW) is now here to change that.

Drawing from years of experience working with the best shapes, hinges, materials, styles, and colors for real people, Sheri and our opticians select and design the Cascadia eyewear lines personally. We seek out manufacturers directly, eliminating several layers of cost. But unlike other large eyewear companies, we share the savings with our patients. With artificially high prices controlling most of the eyewear market, Cascadia Eye is striking out independently to get the best prices for all of us. And this is especially a win for patients, who can have these low prices and the levels of expert service, style, and quality that can’t be found in big-box or online stores!

Says our CEO, Sheri: “Cascadia Eyewear is eyewear with a story. We are real individuals inspired by our Cascadia community to design and provide eyewear to real individuals who deserve quality, style and value.”


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