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Internal Operations

Our Internal Operations teams keep Cascadia Eye running behind the scenes. The highly-trained members of revenue cycle management serve as your advocates when working with the often-complicated world of insurance. They undergo training as coding specialists and strive to keep up to date with all the latest insurance changes. Our IT department makes sure our hi-tech approach to patient care, electronic records, and communication goes as smoothly as possible. We couldn’t do our work without them.

Jodi Hulst

Jodi HulstJodi Hulst, OCS has been a part of Cascadia Eye since March of 1999, and is Cascadia Eye’s internal operations manager. She has over 25 years of experience with revenue cycle management in the medical field. She has been an ophthalmic coding specialist since 2007, and keeps this ophthalmology-specific certification updated with regular testing. Since the rules, regulations, and compliance issues of medical billing are ever-changing, she enjoys the challenge of keeping up-to-date and using complex problem-solving skills to help patients navigate insurances to the benefit of everyone. In 2016, she added Internal Operations Manager to her job description, and now oversees the revenue cycle management department and the IT department. Born and raised in the Skagit Valley, Jodi lives with her husband of 25 years and her two kids, Alex and Nicole. Her kids are involved in local sports, and she has a great time cheering them on! They also enjoy geocaching, hiking, and traveling together, and on her own time, Jodi also loves to read and do volunteer work.

Vicki Jevons

Vicki JevonsVicki Jevons attended Skagit Valley College and then worked for several years at another physician practice. She began her employ with Cascadia Eye in March of 1996 as a receptionist. Eventually–after a time as the front desk supervisor–Vicki moved into our billing department, which she led for many years. Vicki’s knowledge in many departments around the office, as well as her willingness to take on responsibility, make her valuable as the lead of our revenue cycle management team and an asset to our internal operations in general. A long-time resident of Anacortes herself, Vicki’s spends her free time with family and enjoying her young grandchildren.

Jasmine O’Neill

Jasmine O'NeillJasmine O’Neill has worked in our revenue cycle management department since January 2018, dealing with charges, performing insurance follow-up, and helping patients navigate their plans when they need a helping hand. She started working in the medical field 12 years ago as a receptionist and medical records clerk for a family practice. She likes every part of her job as a specialist in revenue cycle management, stating there is never a dull moment in her work. Jasmine grew up in Western Washington and lives there now with her four kids, ages eight through 21.

Melissa Starheim, OSC

Melissa Starheim Melissa Starheim joined us in January 2017 as the Location Coordinator for Mt. Vernon, and earning her OSC certification in spring of 2017. She is now part of the revenue cycle management department, working with insurances on behalf of our patients. Born and raised in Skagit County, Melissa went to Southwestern Oregon Community College and got a transfer degree and an Associates of Science. She has been a wrestler all four years of high school and for her three years of college — currently she serves as an assistant coach in the mat room at Burlington-Edison High School. She is proud to be able to guide the next generation of women’s wrestling! In her spare time she also enjoys curling up with a good book.

Melissa Todhunter, OSC

Melissa TodhunterMelissa Todhunter first joined us as an office assistant when she was 16 years old. Since then, she has been a part of our front office staff on multiple separate occasions – even when life took her away to other parts of the world, she always came back to us! These days, Melissa is in charge of insurance verification for patients prior to their appointments, making sure patients and staff have the insurance information they need in advance. In her free time she loves reading, the outdoors, and her little tyke at home.

Jeff McHenry, ABOC

Jeff McHenry Jeff McHenry, ABOC started as an apprentice optician in June of 2014, and received his ABO certification in early 2015. In 2016, he became part of our IT team due to his technological prowess. Prior to Cascadia Eye, he worked as a mechanic. Originally from the Portland area, Jeff and his family moved to Mount Vernon in 2011. In his free time Jeff enjoys playing video games and spending time with his brother, parents, and three cats. Interests include superheroes, Star Wars, and cars – he still works on his car at home as a hobby.

Jessica Knox

Jessica KnoxJessica Knox started in Cascadia Eye’s front office in 2011, and became a favorite with patients and coworkers alike for her willing spirit and seeming ability to help anyone with anything. She even won the “Employee of the Year Award,” voted for by her peers for being so outstanding! Her ability to learn and adapt to meet any need in the office has led to her new position as the practice’s IT expert and troubleshooter. Born and raised in California, Jessica misses the sunshine – but says the Pacific Northwest, with so many nice people, has definitely grown on her. She got married in Summer 2017 and lives in Mt. Vernon with her husband and a young son, Alex, who keeps her constantly entertained – and very active.

Recently, I went to Cascadia for my bi-annual eye exam. I arrived 45 minutes early and was anticipating a wait. Within 10 minutes they called my name and started my exam! I was shocked. When I mentioned this the reply was ‘… you are here, why make you wait. We will fit you in now.’ The staff was prompt, courteous and very professional. Very step of the way, they asked if I had questions or concerns. Needless to say, I was very pleased with my visit and will definitely be going back there for my next eye exam.

Patricia Wiseman

May 04, 2018


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