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About iLUX and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) treatment

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If you suffer from dry eyes, you may very well have MGD. iLUX is a quick, in-office treatment which allows your Cascadia Eye professional to treat your condition. Patients are more comfortable, have improved life-long eye health and have better outcomes from cataract surgery with this process.

86% of dry eye sufferers are reported to have clinical signs of MGD. That is over 30 million people in the U.S. (roughly the population of the state of Texas!)

What exactly is MGD?

MGD is very common. It is a condition caused when the glands are blocked and not secreting enough meibum. Oil that does make it out of the glands can be crusty or abnormal, and can cause irritation.

In early stages, patients are often asymptomatic, but if left untreated, MGD can cause or exacerbate dry eye symptoms and eyelid inflammation. The oil glands will eventually become blocked and “die,” and your eyes will feel uncomfortable.

What are Meibomian (Oil) Glands?

Blocked meibomian glands in eyelids are a leading cause of dry eye. These tiny oil glands, which line the margin of the eyelids, secrete an oily substance known as meibum that coats the eye’s surface and keeps the water component of our tears from evaporating. This tear film lubricates and keeps the surface of our eyes healthy.

Meibomian gland and tear film diagram

What does MGD feel like?

I-Lux procedure chart

May experience:
Sensitivity to light
Eyes that feel gritty
Painful or sore eyes
Blurred Vision
Poor Vision

Have trouble:
Driving at night
Working on a computer
Watching TV

Experience discomfort in:
Windy Conditions
Areas with low humidity
Areas that are air conditioned

What does iLUX do?

Cascadia Eye’s professionals use the iLUX device to express patients’ meibomian glands, providing gentle heat and compression to clear blockages and keep them functioning as they should. This both treats MGD and prevents it from getting worse, keeping eyes healthy and preventing the disease from progressing.

With iLUX treatments, patients often find relief from dry eye caused by MGD

What is my cost?

iLUX is not covered by insurance. Our introductory rate of $495 includes both eyes – and we are almost $100 less than local competitors. Generally, patients can expect to receive an iLUX treatment every six months to one year, but it depends on the doctor’s prescription.

Cascadia Eye includes iLUX treatment with toric and premium multifocal IOL implants, but patients will be responsible for iLUX treatment payments if they select a standard cataract implant surgery. Patients are welcomed to have the treatment but will be responsible for the cost.

We work with a company, Care Credit, that can help with a payment plan. Please check with our front desk staff or look online at for details.

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