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Our opticians are here to help with your glasses!

trained opticians
Trained opticians you help find the perfect glasses.

Finding you a stylish and affordable glasses “wardrobe,” with frames that fit well and lenses that help you to see during your favorite activities, is a passion for our optical professionals!

Our friendly eye professionals in Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Sedro-Woolley, Stanwood and Whidbey Island take the time to evaluate each person’s specific diagnosis, they find out each patient’s passions, what type of work and activities they do, and they are skilled at choosing the most complimentary eye wear shapes and sizes for each face shape.

They are dedicated to your comfort, and, with their well-trained eye, will provide you not only with superior fit, but possibly a new color or style that you may not have thought to try–and will end up loving your glasses!

Many of our opticians are certified with the American Board of Opticianry (which means they passed a national certification test) and/or licensed with the State Department of Health (they passed a three-part test in optics, contact lenses, and practical skills after three years of schooling or apprenticeship.)

How should I take care of my glasses?

A great pair of glasses should be both comfortable and look fantastic, and they take regular maintenance to keep them at their best! Many people wonder when they should fit their own glasses, and when to take them to their local optician for professional care. Cascadia Eye’s expert and optical manager, Becki, shares her own tips and tricks to fit your glasses AND tells when you need to come in to an optical center to find professional expertise.

Choosing the perfect frames

When selecting glasses, there are only a few parameters to stay within, and then the rest is up to your personal style preferences.

First, the bridge (the part that rests on your nose) must fit—no gaps, no perching, no sliding— and it must lay smoothly along the sides of your nose. Also, you must watch that the bridge isn’t so high up on your face that it elongates your nose (unless you have a short nose that would look better longer!).

Next, look in the mirror. Can you see your eyebrows? Are they above the frame or are you seeing them through the lenses? These are all signs our opticians look for when helping you decide!

Buying more than one pair of glasses?

Cherry Financing

Choose a Cascadia Eye Cherry payment plan for up to 12 months at 0% APR options for those who qualify. Apply with your phone and get an approval in seconds. There is no hard credit check, and all you need is your state ID and mobile phone number.

Cascadia Eyewear Logo

Cascadia Eyewear is a local, Bellingham-based eyewear company, and offers many frames designed by Cascadia Eye’s own CEO, Sheri Saldivar. Inspired by the independence movement that celebrates our connections and strong sense of place within this beautiful region, Cascadia Eyewear begins with a private line that is independent, original, and local.

Other glasses brands we carry:

Cascadia Eye also offers a wide variety of national fashion eyewear brands. While we do carry frame lines at luxury price points, we insist on there being a reason for higher prices (e.g. fully made in the USA, or patented technology in their design) or we won’t carry them.

  • Ducks Unlimited sunglasses
  • Etnia
  • London Co
  • Maui Jim
  • Oakley
  • Ray-Ban
  • Silhouette
  • Shwood
  • Vera Bradley
  • WileyX

Optical lab - Annie creates our lenses in house
Annie, Optical Lab Technician, creating lenses

Great lenses make a difference!

Our Sedro-Woolley location proudly houses our own optical lab, where we craft many of our own glasses in-house. Because of this ability, all our locations are able to offer extremely well-priced eyeglasses in less time than other optical centers.

Choose from many different types of lenses:

Single Vision lenses have one focal power. These lenses are good for young people who don’t need extra power for reading or near vision. They are also good for “reading only” glasses. We recommend our VisionAir lenses which are thinner, have UV built in and are no more expensive than basic plastic lenses. We also offer a package of polycarbonate single vision lenses with anti-reflective coating at an extraordinary price.

Progressive (multifocal) lenses have powers for distant viewing, close viewing and areas in between. These are the ‘must-have’ lenses for everyone over 40 who needs additional power for intermediate or near vision. We recommend the ADD vantage, high definition digital lens in VisionAir lenses which are thinner, have UV built in and are hand-crafted in-house by our skilled optician lens specialist. These offer the best value; however are limited in material and power choices. We have many other progressive styles which can be custom fit to your prescription and frame choices.

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