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I had been going to the same ophthalmologist for 30 years, and when he retired 10 years ago we had to find someone else. I have gone to several different practices in Whatcom County and left them thinking I would never go back.

I had developed a medical concern and they thought it was eye related. I came across Cascadia Eye from looking at my insurance company and I thought I would try them. I was able to get in and see Dr. Golez, who is a wonderful and caring doctor.

While my problem was not eye-related, I did need new glasses and was able to get them at the same time. The last pair I had gotten I was very displeased with. As I am an auto mechanic, I look down a lot and my glasses would slide down my face. I wear bifocals and I would have to tip my head way back to read.

I think the Jennifer, the optician that helped with the glasses, was wonderful. She noticed how the my bifocals were too low in the lens. I received my new glasses and I have been wearing them for a few days and I really like them. They fit and stay in place.

I think I have found the place I will continue to go to for the next 30 years or more. Every time I left this place I felt like I was a valued patient and a person.

Tim Griffith, Aug. 2021, Google

Excellent care by kind and caring people! They were helpful and professional from beginning to end. They also have a great selection of glasses – I am usually really picky about my glasses and only find one or two that would work, but I found several here that fit the bill and didn’t break the bank! I definitely suggest this place if you’re looking for top-notch eye care, or just a pair of glasses.

Hans F, July 13, 2020, Yelp

Mount Vernon

I have been going to Cascadia Eye for about 8 years. They are forward-thinking and got me into multi-focal contacts (THE BEST).  Dr Pereira removed a large cyst from my eye, corrected a cornea that was creating a stigmatism, and most recently did cataract surgery in both eyes. IT IS AMAZING! I have worn contact lenses/glasses for 47 years (yes my first pairs were the glass kind that popped out of your eyes all the time). My vision is absolutely perfect. I can read, work on computer and drive without any issues.  Freedom!!! Thanks, Dr. P, for all you do

Michelle S – Sept 2021, Yelp

In this time of covid finding my vision getting fuzzy meant I had no option but to make an appointment. And SO glad I did. The front desk staff were great and really good safety protocols. The initial work up by David was easy, smooth, professional and even fun! Dr.Siapco diagnosed the dreaded cataract and did a great job of cheerfully allaying my fears. He took as much time as I needed for explanation and answering questions. Kelsey was the person who escorted me back to the desk and was equally helpful and professional. The front desk person managed to fit me in within two weeks for the next step and although I have some trepidation about the procedure I have 100 % faith in these great people And totally recommend them!

Diana H, February 1, 2021, Yelp

From the second I walked in, the whole team at Cascadia Eye put me at ease. I was in pretty serious trauma from a bike accident, and they did such a good job calming me. Dr. Kassem’s confidence and sense of humor were so welcome as he worked on my very sensitive eye. He had a lot of patching to do, and he did it so well. He’s wry and witty, and that’s what I needed after a long day of worrying in the ER. Highly recommend him and the whole team at Cascadia.

Frances Badgett, June 27, 2020, Google

Everyone one at this business is geared for top rate customer service. From the moment I walked in the door, until I left, they were warm, personable, professional and friendly.

B Denise Ruark, January 2, 2020, Google

This is the best eye clinic I’ve been to. Dr Pereira has been treating me for the past three years. I’m quite pleased with his professionalism and quality of care. Each staff member has always been gracious and efficient. Five stars for a great clinic!

Louise Eusterman, September 19, 2019, Yelp

I had to get cataract surgery on 1 eye. It went so smooth and pain free . I have had glasses since the 3rd grade and now I can go without them 50% of the time ! My other eye will need it later as it is getting cloudy The staff was so pleasant and explained it all to me before hand . My thanks to Dr.Siapco. Looking forward to getting my other eye done. I bought my first sun glasses ! Thank you all.

Terry Thorp, March 22, 2019, Google


Just wanted to let you know that Adrienne in the optical department in Sedro Wooley did a great job adjusting my glasses. She was upbeat and professional. Worked hard to solve the problem, trying other options. Thanks for the service


They took us in early even though we got there 20 minutes before they even open. Staff is very kind and friendly, welcoming too! Need your eyes checked go here, Cascadia Eye!

Jill Bickel, August 23, 2020, Google


Great eye clinic, very professional staff & doctors – highly recommend!!

Betsy Gottwald, January 27, 2021, Google

Outstanding staff & service. Thank you Adrian & team!!!

Tony Hawes, 2019, Google

I was very impressed with not only the professionalism of the staff but their kindness and understanding as well. I recommend their services to anyone needing eye-related care.

Fred Williams, October 8, 2019, Google


Dr. Siapco and his staff were all so kind and professional. Cayleigh, the delightful lady who did my initial eye exam, was wonderful. It was like she could read my mind! Mary was so helpful and honest when I needed to pick out my glasses. This place is a neighborhood treasure!

Chel Todd – Sept. 2021, Google

This office is SO accommodating! While working overseas I ran out of contact lenses. I emailed and called them requesting a contact order and they came through for me! Kailee is a woman that honored her word to me! I can’t thank her enough! I’m so, grateful for you. ❤

Kristie Marin, July 9, 2020, Google

Extremely pleased with every bit of the process I went through for cataract surgery. Skilled and knowledgeable personnel all the way through. It was stunningly easy when I went through the first eye surgery. Couldn’t wait to get the second eye done! I had no idea my vision was so compromised. (I’m an artist – it was huge.) Added to the surgery itself, the care taken afterwards for complete recovery was reassuring. Also that whoever I saw explained what they were doing every step of the way. And I have never had such good glasses or such excellent help picking them out. My husband went in this year for a complete exam and had the same reaction. And he is equally thrilled with his new glasses. Thank you!

Mary Jo Oxreider, November 6, 2019, Google

I lost my sight a little over a year ago to a genetic corneal disease. After 4 surgeries, 2 on each eye, I can see 20/25 in each eye. Not bad for being 69, and seeing better than I did when I was 40. I don’t know about you, but seeing is pretty important in my life. Being blind was a good lesson, and I’m glad it’s over. Dr. Pereira is the kindest, most dedicated doctor I’ve met in my life, and, it seems, the most competent. The staff went above and beyond to help me regain my sight, and I am grateful. I’m also grateful to the people who died, and donated their tissues, because I see the world through their eyes. Please, add this to your driver’s license, so that little old ladies like me can see again.

Su W. June 6, 2019, Yelp

Dr. Pereira

Emergency after hours visit. He was calm, gentle, professional and genuine. Called the emergency dept at Harborview to discuss and prepare them,so they were ready when we arrived. He adjusted his schedule after surgery at Harborview was done to make sure we got the post op attention and care needed. A genuinely kind and caring man!! A++

Shawn, July 17, 2021, Healthgrades.com

Excellent doctor! Took time to listen to my concerns, and addressed them in a sastifactory manner. Highly recommended!

October 15, 2019, Healthgrades.com

Before moving to Mount Vernon in late May 2019, I contacted Dr. Pereira’s office to set up initial consultation in early June. I have been extremely pleased with the highly professional and caring manner of Dr. Pereira and all staff during my first two visits, and expect that level of service to continue for all my future ophthalmology care needs.

October 9, 2019, Healthgrades.com

I have been seeing Dr Pereira for the past three years and have nothing but good things to report. He is kind, gentle, professional and knows his business.

Louise Eusterman, September 10, 2019, Healthgrades.com

Skilled, good listener, compassionate, great explanations, and willing to partner with patient in decision making. Perfect fit for me.

June 16, 2021, Healthgrades.com

Dr. Siapco

Dr. Siapco and his staff were excellent from the front desk check in, the nurses, and the surgeon himself. Aces all the way around. Thank you for giving me my sight back. Highly recommend.

John Barrett – Oct 2021, Healthgrades.com

Dr. Maddux

Skilled, good listener, compassionate, great explanations, and willing to partner with patient in decision making. Perfect fit for me.

June 16, 2021, Healthgrades.com

Dr. Golez, III

Excellent !! Knowledgeable & personable leaving decision on therapy up to me, the patient. Good staff including the technician and the receptionist,

Emma, December 19, 2019, Healthgrades.com

Dr. VanNurden-McKittrick

Excellent. Explains things well in layman’s terms. Has guided me well through my extensive and serious eye diseases. I can still see well with one eye today and I attribute that to Dr. VanNurden.

April 6, 2020, Healthgrades.com

Dr. Rasmussen

He is very good with treatment needed correct my problem with my right eye. Makes you feel at ease during appointment and has a good personality.

Charlotte Ward, February 8, 2020, Healthgrades.com

I made an emergency appointment with Cascadia Eye because I was in immense pain due to what I would later find out was a corneal erosion. Dr. Rasmussen explained the source of the problem, put a plan into action to fix it, and explained how to manage it going forward and prevent it from getting worse. By the time I left his office my pain had reduced significantly due to this doctor’s intervention. I will highly recommend this facility to anyone with unexpected eye problems.

John, August 31, 2019, Healthgrades.com

I had an emergency appointment with Dr. Rasmussen. He was patient and took the time to listen to all of my concerns and answer all of my questions. I have since also taken my children to come and see him for checkups and he is wonderful with them too. I recommend him to all of my friends and family!

Erin August 22, 2019, Healthgrades.com

Dr. Howell

I saw Dr. Howell in the Bellingham office. She was very professional, thorough and pleasant. Everyone was helpful and cheerful. A great help.

March 18, 2021, Healthgrades.com

Dr. Howell was professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I was genuinely impressed—and grateful. Also, her offices are new and tastefully decorated.

December 30, 2021, Healthgrades.com

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