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Pediatric Eye Care

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Kid’s eye doctor

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pediatric eye care

smiling girl with glassesA child’s eyes are precious, and if irregularities aren’t detected early, they could later experience very serious vision problems – including total loss of vision. This is why Cascadia Eye emphasizes early childhood eye care. We offer appointments with our optometrists and general ophthalmologists, and, if indicated, they will refer you to our in-house pediatric ophthalmologist who has specialized training in child eye care to protect your child’s eye health as early as possible.

Dr. K. David Epley, our pediatric eye doctor, is frequently listed as a Top Doctor in the Seattle area magazines and national databases, and is well-known for his gentle expertise with children. You can read more about him here. Starting July 2018, he sees patients in our kid-friendly Stanwood location.

In most cases, eye problems can be identified and treated even in the earliest days of life. If treatment or glasses are indicated, we fully stock all of the necessary “accessories” to include various eye patches, press-on prisms, and DVDs for vergence exercises as well as a large selection of fun and functional children’s eyewear (most with 3 year warranties).

When to Schedule Eye Examinations

If there are no signs of any vision problems, children should have at least one eye examination before they reach age five. However, if any issues are present, an examination should be scheduled right away to know whether medical eye care is needed or not. Another indicator of the need for early screenings is genetics. If you or members of your family have a history of eye disease or if they needed to wear glasses at a young age, it is a good idea to have your child examined at an earlier age, as they are at a higher risk of developing vision problems.

Good vision contributes to proper childhood development, affecting both physical and educational progress. Make sure your child’s vision is developing properly by getting an eye screening or examination at their early stages.

Importance of Early Detection

happy children with eyeglassesWhile most children have healthy eyes, some are born with serious eye diseases and disorders, which may not always be obvious to the parents. Fortunately, these can usually be identified soon after birth. However, for issues not detected and treated before age five, a child’s eye condition could be so severe that he or she could experience severe vision loss or blindness. This is why our eye care professionals strongly encourage parents to get their child’s eyes checked by a pediatrician or eye doctor at the first sign of any problem. All children should have an eye evaluation before they reach the age of five.

All of our optometrists and ophthalmologists perform eye exams for children. Should it become necessary our pediatric eye doctor, Dr. K. David Epley, offers advanced services to include treatment and surgery for strabismus (muscles disorders).

If you would like to learn more about how to protect your child’s vision, contact us today.

American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

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