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Precision Focus...From Every Angle

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Opticians are professionals with expertise to analyze a glasses prescription and then design eyewear best suited for the patient. Our opticians are either journeyman opticians (passed a 3 year apprenticeship), certified with the American Board of Opticianry (passed a national certification test) and/or Licensed with the State Department of Health (passed a three part test in optics, contact lenses and practical skills after 3 years of schooling or apprenticeship). Many have all three of these designations.

Lynn Pugh, LDO

BioLynnLynn Pugh, LDO (Licensed Dispensing Optician) has been with Cascadia Eye since 1997. Prior to coming here, Lynn has worked in the optical industry – from fabricating lenses at a wholesale lab to owning and operating an optical dispensary – for over twenty-five years. He has held his Washington State optician’s license for over 36 years. With special skills in frame repairs, custom tinting and with an eye for lens quality, Lynn is our Lab Manager and oversees all lens processing done on our premises. In 2009 he went with Dr. C. Dan Siapco to the Philippines, giving out over 800 pairs of glasses to the needy on behalf of Cascadia Eye – and then subsequently (again with Dr. Siapco) to Ghana with 2,500 pairs and the Dominican Republic with 3,000. He continues this tradition yearly.

Becki Vosburgh, LDO, ABOC

BioBecki2Becki Vosburgh, LDO, ABOC has been with Cascadia Eye for nine years, and is much loved by patients. She currently works out of our Mount Vernon location as the Optical Manager for the practice. In her work, she particularly loves frame styling as well as troubleshooting glasses problems, and has taken extra training to specialize in these things. Becki has lived in the Skagit Valley her entire life, and currently resides in Mount Vernon with her husband, daughter, dog, cat and nine chickens. She enjoys the outdoors, spending time with her family and vacationing in Maui.

Andrea Lee, NCLE, LDO

BioAndi1Andrea Lee, NCLE, LDO joined Cascadia Eye in 2010, and has degrees in both Ophthalmic Dispensing and Fashion Design. She has been working in the optical field for about five years. Previously she worked in retail management, and also as a tailor since age 16. Her favorite thing about optician work is finding a new, perfect style for someone – perhaps one they’ve never tried before. Andi loves fashion and sewing her own clothes. Originally from Texas and then New Mexico, she got tired of the heat and wanted to live near an ocean – so she came to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She lives in Mount Vernon and has a husband (also named Andy!) and a cat named Thunderclese.

JoAnn Mulholland, LDO

JoAnn Mulholland, LDO has been in the optical profession for over 34 years. She received her Washington State license in 1980, and is also a member of the Opticians Association of Washington. Her great attitude and knowledge has won her several customer service awards over the years. In her field she especially enjoys working with fashion display.

Shazarie Holm, ABOC

Shazarie Holm, ABOC joined Cascadia Eye in 2012 as an apprentice and received her certification January 2013. With previous experience in customer service, Shaz has always loved working with people and considers optician work another great opportunity to connect – and make people feel good about the way they look! A local through and through, Shaz was born and raised in the Skagit Valley and graduated from BEHS. She lives with her husband and lovable dog named Ollie.

Lauryl Hettinger, ABOC

BioLauryl3Lauryl Hettinger joined us in September 2011, as our check-out coordinator in the Mount Vernon clinic. She moved to the optical in 2013, training to be an optician with a desire to make it into a long-term career. She loves getting to meet new people – and interact with old friends – every day while doing her job. She always tries to make the optical time she has with patients a useful and fun part of their day, and her favorite part is getting to play with the latest eyewear fashions! She also loves the challenge of finding what will work best for a patient’s prescription. In her free time she enjoys reading, music, and shopping – and spending as much time as she can with her family and friends.

Natasha Lopez, ABOC

BioNatashaNatasha Lopez joined the optical staff in March 2013 as an apprentice. She is simultaneously finishing a bachelor’s degree and received her optician certification in early 2014, hoping to eventually become a licensed optician as a career. When she is not working she loves to spend time with her significant other and their two beautiful children, who mean the world to her. She tries to spend every extra moment outside with the kids or with great friends.

Christina Lahr, ABOC

BioTinaChristina Lahr, ABOC first joined our optical in February of 2013, and gained her certification just a few months later, making her one of our fastest opticians to be board certified. Tina trained with Lynn, our Lab Manager, to shape lenses and learn the crafting side of opticianry. She left Cascadia Eye toward the end of 2013 to try something new, but found that nothing else measured up to her love for the optical lab – and came back June 2014! Like her parents before her, Tina has been a member of the Skagit Valley community her whole life. She currently lives near Concrete with two teenaged kids (a girl and a boy) and loves to go camping with her family and garden at home.

Jeff McHenry, ABOC

BioJeff Jeff McHenry, ABOC started as an apprentice optician in June of 2014, and received his ABO certification in early 2015. Prior to Cascadia Eye, he worked as a mechanic. He loves the technology associated with opticianry, especially learning the latest and coolest tools for precision optics. Originally from the Portland area, Jeff and his family moved to Mount Vernon in 2011. In his free time Jeff enjoys playing video games and spending time with his brother, parents, and three cats. Interests include superheroes, Star Wars, and cars – he still works on his car at home as a hobby.

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