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Cataract–The Blinding Menace

Guest Post by Rebecca Evans GeriatricNursing.org Cataract – An infographic by GeriatricNursing.org If you or a loved one has cataracts, you’ll want to know what these are all about. Cataracts are basically areas of opaqueness or cloudiness of the lens of the eye. Normally, the lens is clear and allows [...]

Optometrist or Ophthalmologist–What’s the Difference?

What is an optometrist? Is an ophthalmologist only a surgeon? Which one is my eye doctor? Optometrists and ophthalmologists are both eye doctors, but their training differs and what they offer can be very different. This is why Cascadia Eye has the best of both! Optometrists attend optometry school for [...]

Choosing the perfect eyewear frames

Here is a guest blog from Sheri Saldivar, Cascadia Eye's CEO and the designer of our own Cascadia Eyewear! I love my job. As a practice manager and a licensed optician in a progressive, growth-minded eye care practice for over 32 years, I’ve had the unique opportunity to do much [...]

Meet the New Cascadia frames

We have a story to tell you. Some of it might seem familiar: we have blogged about our early efforts to transition to a new, independent philosophy, revolutionizing our optical shops from the inside out. We've blogged about the evils of the mega-corporations that control the glasses markets and how we [...]

What does heart disease have to do with your eyes?

As the month of February -- "Heart Health Month" -- draws to a close, Cascadia Eye wants to help you achieve more awareness about heart disease and high blood pressure -- especially as it relates to your vision! For example, patients with high blood pressure are at risk for hypertensive retinopathy [...]

17 Eye-Healthy Habits for 2017

Melissa T in new Cascadia, style 2245, Red
We're ready to start the year right with you. Here at Cascadia Eye, as you can imagine, our resolutions are all about eyes. Since it's 2017, we put together a list of 17 healthy habits for your vision -- and I'm planning on following them myself (especially caring for my dry eyes and [...]

How Your Eye Exam Can Reveal Other Diseases and Conditions

One of the things that fascinates Dr. Nannette Crowell, and other eye doctors like her, is how a simple eye exam can change someone's life. Sometimes it's from diagnosing cataracts -- and scheduling the surgery that reverses a person's blindness. And sometimes it's when an eye exam can reveal unrelated diseases [...]

Well Done, Staff!

October and November have been months full of congratulations -- to members of our staff who have gone above and beyond, celebrated milestones, and worked hard to pass difficult exams and gain certifications! Front Office Achievements First, our front office manager, Janet Knutson, took it upon herself to pass the testing requirements [...]

Meet Sheri Saldivar, CEO and Administrator of Cascadia Eye

It's national bosses' day! So today, we're celebrating our own CEO -- and the beating heart of Cascadia Eye. Sheri Saldivar, CMPE, has been with this practice since its very first day in 1985. I sat down and interviewed her about those early days, her family and personal life, and her passions and [...]