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Cornea Care Available Here

Cascadia Eye is very proud to be able to offer a fellowship trained cornea specialist–Dr. Carlindo Pereira. He offers appointments in Mount Vernon, Bellingham, and Stanwood. Services and treatments include consultation and testing, medications, laser surgery, and corneal transplant surgery.

The cornea, which is the clear window, forming the front of your eye, sometimes needs special attention. This clear little dome is extremely important to your vision. To be able to see well, the cornea must not have any cloudy or opaque areas. If it gets damaged by injury, disease or infection any resulting scars can negatively affect your vision.

Tears are also very important to the cornea to keep it moist and protect it. There are some common conditions that affect the cornea such as allergies, dry eyes and minor injuries as mentioned before.
But there are also conditions that are more serious and require the services of not just a primary care eye doctor, not even just an ophthalmologist–but an ophthalmologist with special training in cornea. These diseases do not only affect people in their later years–in fact, keratoconus, a progressive thinning of the cornea, is the most common corneal dystrophy in the US. It affects one in every 2,000 Americans, and it is most commonly found in teenagers and adults in their 20s!

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