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Opticians are professionals with expertise to analyze a glasses prescription and then design eyewear best suited for the patient. Our opticians are either journeyman opticians (passed a 3 year apprenticeship), certified with the American Board of Opticianry (passed a national certification test) and/or Licensed with the State Department of Health (passed a three part test in optics, contact lenses and practical skills after 3 years of schooling or apprenticeship). Many have all three of these designations.

Becki Vosburgh, LDO, ABOC

Becki Vosburgh in Roger Dutch eyewear 'Mayann'Becki Vosburgh, LDO, ABOC has been with Cascadia Eye since 2004, and is much loved by patients. She primarily works out of our Mount Vernon location as the Optical Manager for the practice, although she also can be found working with our opticians in all Cascadia Eye clinics. In her work, she particularly enjoys training new apprentice opticians. She is also taking on further upper management responsibilities, and welcomes the challenges and learning opportunities they provide. Becki has lived in the Skagit Valley her entire life and currently resides in Sedro-Woolley with her daughter, Chloe and her dog, Willy. She enjoys the outdoors, spending time with her family and vacationing when she can.

Emma Rodela

Emma Rodela opticianEmma Rodela joined our opticians July 2016. She has previous experience working at another eye clinic, as a patient services and insurance coordinator, which serves her well now that she is an optician. Last year she got married to her high school sweetheart; both grew up in Skagit County, and they now live in Mount Vernon. Emma loves spending her free time with family, and also doing exciting things like skydiving and bungee jumping!

Jay Wilms

Darlena Jay Wilms, opticianDarlena Jay Wilms has been in the optics business since 1985, making her one of our most experienced opticians on staff. She joined our optical department in August 2017. Originally born in San Diego, Jay moved to Washington in 1993, marrying her forever husband, Dale, in 1996. She has four adult children, including her two “bonus” children, and three grandkids. She currently lives on Camano Island and enjoys backyard campfires, hiking, and traveling. Fun fact: Jay lived on a sailboat for two years. She also owned a nut business for eight years!

Kiana Reyes

Kiana Reyes, optician Kiana joined us September 2017 and loves being an optician, especially making patients happy and finding new frames — she finds it fits very well with her naturally outgoing personality. Previously Kiana was a caregiver and medtech, both as an independent caregiver for people with special needs on Whidbey Island (for ALL Heart Agency), and also in nursing homes. Originally from Whidbey Island, she moved to Sedro-Woolley about three years ago. She has two young boys she loves very much. She is an animal lover with several furbabies — she not only loves taking her dog (and occasionally her cat!) out on hikes with her, but also has a dog-sitting business on the side. She also enjoys playing videogames, shopping, and anything that involves the outdoors.

Paige Moreno

Paige Moreno, opticianPaige Moreno joined our opticians November 7, 2017 (on the date that also happens to be her wedding anniversary!) with four years of experience in the optical field already under her belt. Before optician work, her favorite experience was working as an assistant pastry chef in the US Virgin Islands making wedding cakes. As an optician, Paige enjoys doing repairs for patients and brightening their day by fixing things for them. She also really enjoys inventory and frame selection, keeping things tidy and making sure frames are in stock. She grew up in Anacortes, but caught the travel bug in 2003 when her family moved to a sailboat in the Caribbean for four years. Since getting married and moving back to Washington State, she continues to travel for fun, and she and her husband have both chosen to work part time and devote the other part of their time to volunteering.

Mary Rovang

Mary Rovang, opticanMary Rovang has been an optician at our Whidbey Island location since February 2018. She has experience in multiple areas of vision care, including teching, billing, edging glasses, and all aspects of optical dispensing. She particularly loves to help patients find the perfect eyewear that fits their lifestyle — by taking the time to find out about what their passions are and what type of work and activities they do, so she can best fit their eyewear to enhance their life and look great. Mary has been an active volunteer for 8 years with Providence Hospital Children’s Association. She has two grown boys–a Pharmacist and an MBA working in the defense department at Boeing–and enjoys outdoor activities with her husband and friends.

Adrienne Zagami, ABOC, NCLE

Adrienne Zagami has been an optician with us since February 2018. She is most often found in our Sedro-Woolley optical, but will lend her expertise to any location. She has over fifteen years of experience in the optical industry and is ABO and NCLE (National Contact Lens Examiner) certified. Her excellent understanding of optics makes her a valuable resource to help educate patients on their vision changes, and she is responsible for many internal processes in Cascadia Eye optical due to her vast knowledge base and willingness to always go the extra mile. Her favorite part of the job is making patients happy–she has a passion for serving patients and problem-solving, and loves a challenge. Adrienne lives in Anacortes with her husband, son, and daughter, plus one Dachshund and one kitty. She loves to knit beautiful sweaters, shawls, and scarves in her free time, and also bakes and cooks–especially Mexican food. She also loves to be outdoors with family, and likes to garden.

Kayla Ramon

Kayla Ramon became an optician with Cascadia Eye in July 2018. She previously went to school for nursing and is a registered medical assistant, but decided to change course and explore the field of optics instead. She came to us with four years of experience as an optician, and also has her yellow belt with the Six Sigma program. She absolutely loves working in the optical–especially styling the patient with a frame that best suits them and gives them stylish fashion to wear! Originally from Virginia, Kayla now lives in Oak Harbor for five years and counting. She has five “fur babies”–three cats and two dogs. She is an avid CrossFitter, and also really enjoys hiking and kayaking in her free time.

Charisse Slyter

Charisse Slyter started in March 2019 as an optician and also functions as our optical billing liaison, being uniquely suited to the task from her previous four years of experience–as a billing specialist who cross-trained in front office and optical tasks. She was excited to explore more of the optics side of things in her position here, ready for a change and wanting to learn more about the glasses industry. She loves listening to her patients’ needs and making their optical experience enjoyable–so they not only see well, but also love their choice in glasses. Her favorite part: “The joy in a child’s face when they receive their first pair of glasses is amazing!” Charisse, her husband, and her two kids currently live on Camano Island, having been local here on and off since 1997. She loves being within walking distance of all the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She spends lots of time hiking, swimming, and camping, and also in her spare time likes to scrapbook and play games with her family. She has a large extended family as well, and loves spending time with them.

Shazarie Holm, ABOC, LDO

Shazarie Holm, ABOCShazarie Holm, LDO, ABOC, NCLE joined our team in 2012 as an apprentice Optician and received the American Board of Opticianry certification January 2013. She passed the state exam to become a Licensed Dispensing Optician in 2016. She was cross-trained as a technician and went on to get her National Contact Lens Examiners certification. She recently moved to Hawaii with her husband Nick but continues to work with Cascadia Eye remotely, as the Continuous Improvement Project Manager and a resource to our apprentice opticians. She was born and raised in Skagit Valley and has two fur babies, Ollie and Pearl.


In the Optical Lab


Lynn Pugh, LDO

Lynn Pugh, LDOLynn Pugh, LDO (Licensed Dispensing Optician) has been with Cascadia Eye since 1997. Prior to coming here, Lynn has worked in the optical industry – from fabricating lenses at a wholesale lab to owning and operating an optical dispensary – for over twenty-five years. He has held his Washington State optician’s license for over 36 years. With special skills in frame repairs, custom tinting and with an eye for lens quality, Lynn is our Lab Manager and oversees all lens processing done on our premises. In 2009, he went with Dr. C. Dan Siapco to the Philippines, giving out over 800 pairs of glasses to the needy on behalf of Cascadia Eye – and then subsequently (again with Dr. Siapco) to Ghana with 2,500 pairs and the Dominican Republic with 3,000. He continues this tradition yearly.

Christina Lahr, ABOC

Christina Lahr, ABOCChristina Lahr, ABOC first joined our optical in February of 2013, and gained her certification just a few months later, making her one of our fastest opticians to be board certified. Tina trained with Lynn, our Lab Manager, to shape lenses and learn the crafting side of opticianry. She left Cascadia Eye toward the end of 2013 to try something new, but found that nothing else measured up to her love for the optical lab – and came back June 2014! Like her parents before her, Tina has been a member of the Skagit Valley community her whole life. She currently lives near Concrete with two teenage kids (a girl and a boy) and loves to go camping with her family and garden at home.

Matt DeZarn

Matt DeZarn opticianMatt DeZarn joined the optical lab team in Fall 2017, proving to be a fast learner with good attention to detail — a must when working with patient lenses! Matt was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, with two brothers. For hobbies he likes to play games, from cards to videogames to board games, and also paints gaming miniatures (another craft where attention to detail is a must). Matt paints artwork on canvas, too! He also loves taking his dog to the park and going on hikes.


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If I could do 10 stars I would. Today was my first time here. Not only is the front desk staff so friendly and kind but EVERYONE there is also!! I highly suggest coming here. They make you feel so comfortable. I’m honestly amazed. Keep up the great work guys❤

Skylar Quiros

March 05, 2018


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