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Helpful Links

Here are some important, interesting, or related links. Please be aware that clicking on these links will cause you to leave the Cascadia Eye website. If you have any questions for our experienced eye doctors, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact Cascadia Eye.

Optical Resources
Wiley X is our preferred safety frame company due to their outstanding styles and quality. Learn more about the Wiley X products we can provide for you!
Oakley sun and ophthalmic frames have long been a favorite of our patients, and Cascadia Eye is only one of two authorized Oakley prescription dealers in Skagit Valley. Check out their website for what’s new, and if we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you!
This is a helpful sight about the popular lens material that darkens when activated by ultra violet light. This includes Transitions Vantage, XTRActive and Drivewear sun lenses.
This page is for the manufacturer of one of the progressive lenses, Autograph, which we often recommend. Go here for more information on this lens. There is also a page to help you find your “personal ideal lens.”
Hoya is our main provider of ophthalmic lenses. If you want to learn more about how these lenses work, especially the customized lenses such as MyStyle and Lifestyle, go to this website and click on the “Progressive Lenses” link.

Favorite Independent Designers

Why we go Independent: The Cascadia Philosphy
Designed by our own staff, Cascadia Eyewear is our exclusive line. Independent, unique and honest.
This Seattle designer is the embodiment of our Cascadia philosophy. Rain City knows all about what the Pacific Northwest is all about, and we love their independent designs.
For an ecologically sound alternative to plastics and their environmental effects, MASTHO bamboo sunglasses offers unique, stylish, high quality sunglasses with bamboo frames at an affordable price. Be a part of the solution.
We are proud to carry this artistic eyewear collection featuring environmentally friendly recycled acetate frames.

Surgical Resources
Information about the organization which provides accreditation of surgery centers. We are pleased to be accredited by AAAHC! To look us up, please use our surgery center’s name, Eye Associates Surgery Center.
This website is sponsored by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons and contains information related to eye surgery.

Other Resources
A nonprofit medical missionary organization founded by our Dr. Siapco, Dr. Pereira, and their team. Starting in 2015, our annual Fun Run events supported this mission to eradicate preventable blindness around the globe.
Dr. Epley’s website regarding his Kirkland based practice.
American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus – a resource recommended by Dr. Epley for information on childrens’ eye diseases and muscle problems of the eye.
This is the page to order the vitamins recommended for macular degeneration. You will need our PIN# 5007009 to order. You can also order by calling 888-433-4726.
This page gives more information about a medication to treat dry eyes. There are also coupons frequently available to take dollars off your prescription costs.
En Espanol
Excellent website sponsored by the American Academy of Ophthalmology on all sorts of eye related questions and conditions.
We are a supporter of St. Jude and the important work they do, as evidenced by our past Fun Run events for St. Jude. If you would like to get involved, go to this helpful website to guide you.
Going to the product information, and then clicking on the “patients” link, will give you valuable information about Dry Eye Disease and how we test and treat it.
Our local Mount Vernon Lions club is very active, and our own optical lab manager, Lynn Pugh, is a member. They have been instrumental in collecting up glasses for use in the mission field. Stop by their website and you will see photos of our doctors and staff during a cataract surgery mission, as well as ways for you to sign up and get involved! Lions Club for Burlington Lions Club for Sedro-Woolley Lions Club for Stanwood Lions Club for Anacortes

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