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Our Commitment


We exist to improve and protect the vision of our patients…and then some.

The doctors at Cascadia Eye share a passion: helping people. Although this is certainly made clear by their choice of medical profession, our eye doctors take it a step further, making compassion the heart of the practice.

It starts in our own community. By participating in projects from the National Eye Care Project and Safe Harbor Free Clinic to free screenings for vision changes and glaucoma at the local hospitals and nursing homes, we strive to make sure those who need eye care get it. This extends now to the surgery center, where we’ve dedicated a specific portion of our budget to charity care every year – surgeries performed without payment for people in need.

Excellence in Education Scholarship

Our doctors also take joy in reaching out to the community in other aspects: in 2003, Cascadia Eye began offering a $1000 scholarship fund for high school seniors planning a future in the medical field. The Excellence in Education fund has been going strong ever since, giving us a chance to give back to the community with an eye to the next generation. Every year, we have a lot of fun sponsoring other youth and community programs in the Skagit Valley and Stanwood/Camano areas.

Scholarship2015LeDucMiranda LeDuc, 2015
Mount Vernon High School
Scholarship2016BowenZachary Bowman, 2016
Anacortes High School
Scholarship2017GarciaBrenda Garcia, 2017
Mount Vernon High School

Missions Beyond our Neighborhood

We also collect eyewear donations on behalf of the Lions Club, so that glasses you no longer need can go into the hands of someone who does. Every year, we are privileged to see those donated glasses do that very thing: go where they are most needed. As part of Cascadia Eye’s missions to developing countries in need, Dr. Pereira and Dr. Siapco – along with surgery center staff and Lynn Pugh, our lab optician – have taken boxes of glasses, carefully catalogued by prescription, to give to people who have no access to eyewear.


The other purpose of these missions is performing much-needed surgeries. Dr. Siapco began his missions in 2007 with a trip to Colombia, where he joined Medical Ministries International in performing 269 cataract surgeries over the course of two weeks. In 2008, Dr. Siapco took his own team to the Philippines, giving out over 800 pairs of glasses and free exams, discovering people in desperate need of cataract surgery. The following year he returned with more staff and equipment to perform those surgeries.

Seeing people go from being completely incapacitated by blindness to having a normal life again – with one simple procedure – was so rewarding for Dr. Siapco and the other members of his team that they have made at least one trip every year since. In 2010, Dr. Siapco and his team went to Kenya, and in 2011 Dr. Pereira joined him on a trip to Paraguay, where with their combined efforts they were able to perform 200 surgeries. And in 2012, Dr. Siapco and Dr. Pereira went to the Dominican Republic – twice – and not only performed surgeries, but also gave out 3,000 pairs of glasses! Dr. Siapco reprised this trip in 2013, while it was Dr. Pereira’s turn to visit Ghana with life-changing cataract and cornea surgeries.

Eyewitness Missions: A New Non-Profit

These vital missions continue to grow. In 2014, Dr. Siapco, Dr. Pereira, and their team created a full-fledged non-profit organization to battle global blindness: Eyewitness Missions. With support from companies and organizations like Alcon, AmeriCares, and OneSight, as well as community members like you, Eyewitness Missions’ ophthalmology-led work will continue to flourish.

EyeWitness Missions in the Dominican Republic, 2016

The missions to needy countries are some of the most fulfilling projects of the practice, but we continue to bring that same passion to meeting the needs of the people close to home. If you want to join us in our quest to go above and beyond mere eye care, think about bringing some of your old glasses to any of our three locations, or check with us in early summer for information about our annual Fun Run!

Mission Trip Photos

For more information, or to schedule a consultation at Cascadia Eye, please contact us today.

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