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Eye Safety Part 2: Essential Safety Habits

In Part 1 of this 2-part series, I* specifically talked about children’s eye safety, since we were heading into the new school year. I mentioned that one of the key ways to keep your child’s eyes safe was to teach them good safety habits right from the start. I want […]

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What is an OCT eye test – and what does it do?

Cascadia Eye has an OCT device at five of our locations. But unless you have glaucoma (or a family history of it), macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy, you may never have seen this amazing piece of technology at work. And if you have received an OCT test before, now you can find out what it […]

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The iStent: Technology for Glaucoma

Here at Cascadia Eye, you know our doctors are always looking for the newest and best technologies available for every aspect of your vision. From custom, bladeless iLASIK to advanced testing equipment and more, this forms one of the three cornerstones of our commitment (providing comprehensive service, care that is personal and local, […]

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Meet Your LASIK Coordinator and E-Store Contact

Heather Knudsen, the newest member of Cascadia Eye’s marketing team, has been working hard behind the scenes to get our online store up and running. As our Refractive Surgery Coordinator and overall LASIK enthusiast, she has also arranged an awesome upcoming LASIK seminar for people wanting to know more about the […]

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Davis Vision, VSP, and Independent Eye Care

Problem of some vision plans Cascadia Eye sheri_saldivarCascadia Eye Sheri Saldivar, Administrator Cascadia EyeNorth Cascade Eye AssociatesCascadia Eye03-25-201609/13/2018 If your insurance includes the vision plans of Davis Vision or VSP (Vision Service Plan), please read this guest post by our CEO/Administrator, Sheri Saldivar. Our primary focus is always to put […]

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Cascadia Eye Anacortes Update

Our newest location‘s grand opening is just around the corner – we start seeing patients on August 31st. In the meantime, we are working very hard on a remodel. Thanks in part to the ingenuity of Sheri Saldivar, our CEO/Administrator, the interior has been beautifully optimized to serve our technological and multi-functional needs. […]

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Looking Back, Looking Forward: Changes in 2015

North Cascade Eye Associates’ story is constantly growing and changing. This year, we celebrate our 30th year as a practice, and this has never been more true! Thirty years of serving the eye care needs of Skagit Valley and beyond has been our privilege and our joy. We’re celebrating all […]

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