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All About Dr. Dan Siapco

This is the second post in a series about our doctors. To read about Dr. Nannette Crowell, go here. We are frequently asked about the lives and personal interests of the doctors here at North Cascade Eye Associates – and we love to feel like family here, so we are […]

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LASIK: An Honest Discussion of Price

Our website has a pretty good page about the actual bladeless, custom LASIK (a.k.a. iLASIK) procedure we do here – what it entails, our uniquely personal approach, and more. But it doesn’t talk about price, and that is the first question any person interested in laser vision correction is going […]

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What Causes Your Vision To Fluctuate?

Fluctuating vision can be a warning of other health issues such as diabetic retinopathy or fluctuating blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, dry eyes, or hormone fluctuation. I recently heard a new patient express her frustration that no one had ever warned her that uncontrolled diabetes would affect her vision. […]

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All About Dr. Nannette Crowell

Not all frequently-asked questions at Cascadia Eye are about our practice or about eyes. You’d be surprised how many times we get questions about the doctors themselves, especially regarding their hobbies and passions outside of work, how their families are doing, and other personal details like that. We welcome those […]

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Certified Ophthalmic Assistants and Technicians

In previous blog entries, I have called our ophthalmic assistants and technicians “highly-trained.” That can easily seem like one of those buzzwords that marketing people like to throw around because it sounds good. But in North Cascade Eye Associates‘ case, it’s because “trained on the job by our teaching-certified and […]

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New Knowledge About Smoking and Your Eye Health

Instead of continuing our blog series on patient FAQ’s today, let’s take a moment to talk about smoking – and your eyes – since it’s relevant to recent health news. Now, if you smoke, or have smoked in the past, or have ever read a magazine or surfed the internet, […]

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