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4 Rules to Prevent Eye Damage from Contact Lenses

4 Rules for contact lens use Cascadia Eye cascadia_eye CE contact lens safety Cascadia EyeNorth Cascade Eye Associates Cascadia Eye 04-26-201407/27/2018 Today’s blog addresses problems that come from improper contact lens use. It’s another one that falls into the category of “Things That Should Be Frequently-Asked Questions But Generally Aren’t.” […]

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All About Dr. Dan Siapco

This is the second post in a series about our doctors. To read about Dr. Nannette Crowell, go here. We are frequently asked about the lives and personal interests of the doctors here at North Cascade Eye Associates – and we love to feel like family here, so we are […]

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Vision Expo East: Part 2

For an introduction to Vision Expo East, go here. For Part 1 of our East Coast Adventure, go here. Sheri Saldivar, North Cascade Eye Associates’ CEO/administrator since the founding of the practice in 1985, writes about our experience at Vision Expo East: “After two days of classes at the Vision […]

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NYC and Vision Expo East: Part 1

Pre-flight: ready for New York City – and, of course, Vision Expo East. Everyone was so excited! For an introduction to our East Coast adventure, go here. After flying out together yesterday, Sheri, Becki, Shaz, and Natasha spent a little bit of time in NYC. While there, they ran into […]

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Vision Expo East – Liveblogging Event

Join Sheri and Vicki from our admin, and Shaz, Becki, and Natasha from our optical, as they set out to discover all that Vision Expo East has to offer! From the website: “International Vision Expo East is the pre-eminent fashion and medical eyecare event where eyecare professionals in the Americas […]

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LASIK: An Honest Discussion of Price

How much does LASIK cost? Cascadia Eye cascadia_eyeCascadia Eye lasik refractive surgery Cascadia EyeNorth Cascade Eye AssociatesCascadia Eye03-09-201809/13/2018 With our recent LASIK day at North Cascade Eye Associates, I thought now might be a good time to answer one of the most frequently-asked questions of all time: “How much does […]

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What Causes Your Vision To Fluctuate?

Causes of vision fluctuation Cascadia Eye cascadia_eye Cascadia Eye causes of vision fluctuation North Cascade Eye Associates North Cascade Eye AssociatesCascadia Eye 03-05-201407/27/2018 At North Cascade Eye Associates, we train our technicians to perform the refractometry (where we measure your visual acuity, a.k.a. your lens prescription) as carefully as our […]

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The Great NW Glass Quest – Photo Blog

From February 14 to February 23 in the Stanwood/Camano Island area, businesses and parks were turned into hunting grounds for treasure in the 5th Annual Great Northwest Glass Quest. North Cascade Eye Associates was no exception. In our third year of participation, we joined 33 other businesses in hiding plastic […]

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All About Dr. Nannette Crowell

Not all frequently-asked questions at Cascadia Eye are about our practice or about eyes. You’d be surprised how many times we get questions about the doctors themselves, especially regarding their hobbies and passions outside of work, how their families are doing, and other personal details like that. We welcome those […]

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Certified Ophthalmic Assistants and Technicians

In previous blog entries, I have called our ophthalmic assistants and technicians “highly-trained.” That can easily seem like one of those buzzwords that marketing people like to throw around because it sounds good. But in North Cascade Eye Associates‘ case, it’s because “trained on the job by our teaching-certified and […]

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