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Certified Ophthalmic Assistants and Technicians

In previous blog entries, I have called our ophthalmic assistants and technicians “highly-trained.” That can easily seem like one of those buzzwords that marketing people like to throw around because it sounds good. But in North Cascade Eye Associates‘ case, it’s because “trained on the job by our teaching-certified and […]

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Questions and Answers About Dilating Eye Drops

Getting your eyes dilated for the first time is a strange feeling. I’ve already explained why Cascadia Eye will dilate during your regular exam in a previous blog, but there are still plenty of questions to answer about it – even experienced patients want reminders sometimes. When I make appointments […]

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New Knowledge About Smoking and Your Eye Health

Instead of continuing our blog series on patient FAQ’s today, let’s take a moment to talk about smoking – and your eyes – since it’s relevant to recent health news. Now, if you smoke, or have smoked in the past, or have ever read a magazine or surfed the internet, […]

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Cascadia Eye’s New Blog is Here!

Welcome to the official Cascadia Eye blog! We are very excited to share things we think will interest you, give you a window into our practice (and the people that make it everything it is today)….and, of course, keep you informed about our favorite subject: your eyes. And I am looking […]

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