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Questions and Answers About Dilating Eye Drops

Questions and answers about dilating eye drops Cascadia Eye cascadia_eye Cascadia Eye dilating eyedrops North Cascade Eye AssociatesNorth Cascade Eye AssociatesCascadia Eye 03-05-201807/27/2018 Getting your eyes dilated for the first time is a strange feeling. I’ve already explained why Cascadia Eye will dilate during your regular exam in a previous […]

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New Knowledge About Smoking and Your Eye Health

Instead of continuing our blog series on patient FAQ’s today, let’s take a moment to talk about smoking – and your eyes – since it’s relevant to recent health news. Now, if you smoke, or have smoked in the past, or have ever read a magazine or surfed the internet, […]

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Comprehensive Eye Exams vs. Routine Vision Exams

comprehensive eye exam vs a routine eye exam Cascadia Eye alexandra_brandtCascadia Eye comprehensive eye exam vs a routine eye exam Cascadia EyeNorth Cascade Eye AssociatesCascadia Eye01-14-201809/13/2018 This is part of a new series based on questions frequently asked by patients and community members. For an introduction to the blog and […]

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Cascadia Eye’s New Blog is Here!

Welcome to the official Cascadia Eye blog! We are very excited to share things we think will interest you, give you a window into our practice (and the people that make it everything it is today)….and, of course, keep you informed about our favorite subject: your eyes. And I am looking […]

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