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All About Dr. Dan Siapco

ncascade-Mission05This is the second post in a series about our doctors. To read about Dr. Nannette Crowell, go here. We are frequently asked about the lives and personal interests of the doctors here at North Cascade Eye Associates – and we love to feel like family here, so we are happy to oblige.

So, if you want to know all about Dr. Dan Siapco’s life, read on! You can also read about his professional history here.


It’s impossible to talk about Dr. Siapco without mentioning his passion for medical mission work. It has been one of his main goals in life since he decided to become a doctor, and also one of the reasons Cascadia Eye decided (way back in 2003!) that he was a perfect fit for the team.

In his own words:

“As an ophthalmologist, the greatest joy I have is the ability to significantly change the life of a patient with a simple 10 minute procedure. There are very few opportunities in medicine where a physician can have such a dramatic, measurable, and lasting impact in a patient’s life. Cataracts are still the most common cause of reversible blindness in the world today and I love the opportunity to go and help eradicate this global problem.”

Dr. Dan Siapco, M.D.

Medical Mission work is also deeply tied in with Dr. Siapco’s faith, and his desire to serve and witness in meaningful ways. His wife, Wendy, shares that passion and they find it to be the most fulfilling project they pursue as a couple.


A lifelong musician and a current guitarist/vocalist for the California-based Christian band Aldersgate, Dr. Siapco is working on expanding his musical knowledge to include the technical side of studio recording: everything from mics to software to the best recording spaces. It’s a new and exciting challenge for him and a way to further his love for writing and recording music with his friends. Music has always been a part of his life (he jokes that he became a doctor because he was told he couldn’t make money in a band), and he frequently leads praise service at his church.

He also keeps active outdoors, often biking to work. One of his favorite activities is surfing, which he started at 21 and has never stopped loving, although he finds the water in the Pacific Northwest to be a little too cold for his tastes. But when he and his family travel together he always looks for opportunities to hit the waves.


Dr. Siapco and Wendy have two sons: Christian and Asher. Dr. Siapco considers himself lucky that each member of his family shares one of his major passions. Wendy, as previously mentioned, is his partner on medical mission trips – she even went to the Dominican Republic without Dr. Siapco when he couldn’t make it. And as the manager of our Eye Associates Surgery Center, she embraces the challenges and responsibilities of putting together the best support staff at home and overseas.

Christian, a college freshman majoring in industrial design at Walla Walla University, is putting his creativity and artistic side to good use. A talented pianist with a flair for musical improv, he plays music with his dad whenever he comes home. Asher is a high school sophomore at Mount Vernon Christian and loves track and hands-on projects, from set design to crafting his own Iron Man suit. He also shares his father’s love of surfing, and currently plans to follow in Dr. Siapco’s footsteps as an ophthalmologist – perhaps he will become another partner at Cascadia Eye in fourteen years!

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