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Dr. Steven Turpin

Dr. Steven Turpin

Dr. Turpin is a 2017 graduate of Pacific University College of Optometry in Forest Grove, Oregon. He graduated with distinction and received a number of different honors including the Gas Permeable Lens Institute Award for Clinic Excellence in the field of gas permeable lenses. After graduation, Dr. Turpin completed his residency at Pacific University specializing in Cornea and Contact Lenses. He is experienced in fitting soft, GP, scleral, hybrid, multifocal, prosthetic, and orthokeratology lenses. Dr. Turpin also has a strong background in cataract co-management and ocular disease treatment.

In addition to the clinical aspect of his work, Dr. Turpin has a passion for research, earning his Master’s in Vision Science concurrently with his optometric degree. His areas of interest include myopia prevention and control in children, use of tinted lenses in migraine sufferers and patients with traumatic brain injury, and specialty contact lens design. Dr. Turpin is also a regular contributor to, where he creates content to help young doctors become better clinicians.

Originally from Gillette, Wyoming, he spent his youth participating in recreational sports and Boy Scouts. He continued his sports career through high school and into college as a track and field athlete competing in the pole vault at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. These days, Dr. Turpin enjoys weight lifting, mountain bike riding, reading and visiting his family in Phoenix, Arizona.

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